First of all, let me tell you what foreign currency market or simply, forex market, is. Most of the people heard about the trade market and suppose the you know what’s implied. You exchange the goods for the money. The same is forex market, it is trading one foreign currency for another one.You won’t have to pay any commission based on buying or selling. Practically, you sell one currency to buy another currency.Your profit is based on the difference of the value between the currencies. Simply, the foreign exchange is the trading related to currency conversion.

Forex market is the biggest market nowadays, with a huge value of $3 trillion exchanged every day and most important, one of the most profitable of all. Until recently,better say 1998, was impossible for ordinary people to enter in this huge market. Why? Simply because they don’t have the systems, informations, and know-how as the large banks, governments, big financial institutions and multinationals companies have.However, in the last ten years the means of communications have changed, and, especially with the development of internet, now many people find it easy to trade forex from their home and take a share of profits from this market.This is possible as foreign currency market is trading 24/7 hour/day, not like the stock market which is open only the working hours.

So, how exactly does the forex market work? Always, foreign exchange quote comes in pairs, something like EUR/USD.The first part represents the base currency, and the second is the counter currency.Practically, you want to change Euro currency for US Dollars.You can purchase this quote when you expect that the Euro will increase, hence you want to make a profit bigger than the initial invested sum.

How can average Joe can enter this market? Well, there are many brokers out there.However, you must carefully choose it.The best advise is to choose one which has been on the market for quite a long time. And, with the internet, the online currency conversion has become even more easier.But for the beginners and intermediate levels I would recommend start with some automated forex trading systems witch can minimize your losses while learn more about forex trading market, and, in the meantime you could develop and test your own trading system.

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Piggy banks have a slot in top and you can slide your money through. After a while, when you decide to bust it open, you will have the same amount of money you put in there. Banks and credit unions offer savings accounts; you can put your money in one and earn a tiny percentage on your deposit; after a year or so, you may earn about two cents for every dollar you saved. The stock market allows you to purchase shares of companies with the expectation that you can “buy low” and “sell high.”

Now, there is a whole new way of becoming a financial winner: currency trading. Forex, the Foreign Exchange Market, is an over the counter system in which you can buy and trade different world currencies at the same time – trade currency. The idea here is to trade at just the right times to end up with the currency that is worth the most.

If currency trading sounds complicated to you, you are right…in a way. There are an infinite number of events that can affect the value of currency at any given time, so in that way currency trading can seem like a confusing shot in the dark. In another way, you are dead wrong. It is possible to be a winner by currency trading, and although it requires some effort, being a winner in the Forex market is achievable.

So, how do you become a winner with currency trading? First and foremost, understand the system. Contact a broker or do your own research before you plop down your hard-earned money on Yen five minutes before an earthquake rocks Tokyo. Next, practice the system with charts and look for trends. Be willing to look at the long-term significance of your investment rather than focusing only on short-term outcomes. Finally, be savvy about the world around you. Being privy to world events and understanding both the short and long-term consequences of world events is necessary when deciding your currency-trading strategy.

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I’m here to give out some tips for new currency traders. This is a fun business to be in. It is profitable and challenging, but something people definitely feel they can conquer. With over $3 trillion a day in trades, it is the largest and most popular market in the world.

What is “The Fed”?

The Fed is short for Federal Reserve. It is the central bank in the United States. It plays the single role of controlling the supply of money that enters into the economy. When there is a central point changing the supply of money in an economy, demand will remain the same, so price changes. That is a very significant thing for a trader to watch. A cut means that it is easier for banks to get loans and cheaper for people to get them. This brings in a flood of new money, which brings down the price of the dollar. A raise in interest rates means that is is harder for banks to get loans and more expensive for people to get them. This brings less money into the economy, bringing up the dollar.

Why is this so hard?

It really isn’t hard. What happens with many people, who I’ll describe as dramatic, build up this business as huge and complicated. It really isn’t that complicated. It’s actually quite simple when you get down to the nuts and bolts of things. You just too cool that active mind that keeps building things up in your head.

Are there any tools that make this easier?

Yes, software like Forex Killer, are capable of going through currency graphs looking for trends that you can use to make profitable trades. It also allows you to leave the computer while the software acts on your behalf.

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When it comes to trading the Forex having a trading system is the number one key to success. Making currency trades as “mechanical” as possible is the only way to sanely trade a market where the traders fear and greed are always in play.

This is where a trading system shines. Having a system that says when “A” happens you automatically execute trade “B.” This kind of system has a great effect at removing much of our emotional trading.

How The Systems Work

As you probably know, Forex trading is based on the relationship of one currency to another – called pairs. And these pairs are used to create a trade. For instance you believe that the Euro is due to rise against the Dollar – or said another way – you believe the Euro is strong and the US Dollar is weak. Based on this assumption you would expect to see the Euro rise in value over the dollar and if it did you would profit.

So the pair you would be trading is the EUR/USD pair where the first currency listed, in this case the Euro is called the base currency. The second, in this case the US Dollar, is called the counter or quote currency. Each pair is quoted with a single number that expresses the relationship between the pairs. So if a quote of 1.4525 were quoted that would mean that it would take 1.4525 Dollars to exchange for a single Euro.

The Fibs

Fibonacci, often called the fibs, are a method of gaining some measure of predictive pricing in the Forex markets. They are based on the famed number sequence developed by a mathematician named, you guessed it, Fibonacci. The sequence that he developed is a sum where each of the two preceding numbers are added to form the next in the sequence. So a sequence starting from the number 1 would look like 1,1,2,3,5,8…and so on.

The Forex is especially sensitive to the fibs. If you spend any time with your currency charts you will notice how prices turn at or near Fibonacci numbers.

Now of course then numbers are not as neat and clean as 1,1,2,3,5 etc. In the currencies they look more like. .236, .50, .382, .618, etc., Using this type of number sequence you will find that you can use the Fibs as a price point to enter or exit a trading position. They offer a seasoned trader a certain measure of predictive capability.

They can be used in you trading system as the response to other market signals so if you get a market signal that tells you to enter the market long the Euro, then your mechanical response would be to wait until the prices broke through the next Fibonacci resistance line and then enter your position. Waiting for this type of movement would help prove that the price was on the rise.

Of course this is assuming that you expect the price of the Euro to go up, and that is not the only way the market could move, but this is the beauty of the Forex, you can trade the market up or down. It lets you make money in both directions.

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Most of us have dealt with the Foreign Exchange at some point of our lives. For instance, the last time you went overseas, or someone you know went overseas, they probably went to the bank and got some currency for their destination. All this means is that the bank worked through the Foreign Exchange to exchange your currency for another countries currency.

So basically Forex trading is simply trading the money of your country in exchange with the money of another country. The trick is – people are able to make money by watching the foreign exchange rates and making good decisions and exchanges at the right time. Every day there is around three trillion dollars traded all around the world. Which means that the foreign exchange market is the biggest market in the world.

The question is who is trading in the foreign exchange? Well pretty every body in some sort of capacity. About 5000 bank around the world, Hedgers and Speculators. So what’s keeping you out of this market? Well there really is no need for concern, the Forex has some major advantages over stocks, bonds and other popular markets.

1. Then it comes time to learn about what to do you will need less education. Forex education is somewhat simple. You will some good advice, but not a degree in business.

2. It is easy to trade online. While trading online is becoming easier and easier as the years go by, forex online trading is as simple as knowing what you have and what you want. So if the Canadian dollar is doing well, buy some of it. Then in a month when it is doing really well, trade if another lot, say Chinese and so on.

3. ecause you will be buying and selling in actual money not stocks, bonds and the rest, it is easier to budget what you can and can not afford.

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These are some of my favorite currency trader beginner tips. I’ve used these when I was starting out to break out from that newbie person into a more confident and profitable trader. This is a great opportunity for you to learn the necessary skills to become that better trader.

What do I need?

You need to have an overall game plan to do well. A game plan offers you the thoughtless process to action. You don’t have to figure out what you’re going to do, you just have to act according to the game plan. This allows you to focus more of your energy on the tasks that end up generating profits for yourself. Another great thing to note is that to grow you need to be able to evaluate how affective a technique is, so you need to test things over and over again. This is what a game plan does.

You should also get your hands on trading software like Forex Killer. This software packages acts like having your own employee. They take care of trades, so when you’re away from the computer, you can be confident that you won’t lose all your money. It also searches for profitable trends for you to exploit.

What should my margins be?

Well, it really depends on your skill. Starting out, everyone starts small. It is the best way to learn, without risking much. The problem is that you don’t get a fair look at your skill from the results. Margins are so small, that the brokers cut actually is a significant amount of what you’re making. This means your profits are a lot less than they would be if your margins were good. Obviously, start out small, but learn to grow to larger trades in time.

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