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TPEG or The People’s Empowerment Group have a diverse and profitable opportunity for those with an entrepreneurial spirit. They have two strategic income generating opportunities. The two distributor options are the Retail Sub-Distributor or the Associate/Director Sub Distributor.

Through these two distributorship opportunities by The People’s Empowerment Group you will have the opportunity to sale their flagship product called “Collections”. Their Collections offering provides discounted vacation certificates to a variety exotic location.

TPEG Retail Sub Distributor option provides the opportunity to sell an unlimited number of Collections. You are able to buy the good that you prefer from The People’s Empowerment Group corporate. The Collections are then sold at their pricing structure. This option allows the Collections to be purchased in unlimited amount and selected in any order. The Retail Sub Distributor option allows you an additional plus, by allowing you to change your status to an Associate/Director Distributor.

The Associate/Director Distributor allows you to expand your income, by following a predesigned procedure. With a robust marketing, products are sold in a predetermined order. They often referred to this has the TPEG opportunity. This position of the entrepreneurial start focuses your objectives on creating a well structured profitable business center.

By establishing yourself as a visionary, team player, committed to following the robust marketing strategy, you will succeed. Also by establishing yourself in this position, you will then train new associates to follow the TPEG opportunity. Through the TPEG opportunity, and by committing to training new associates and selling products, it is not uncommon to achieve an acceptable level of living through The People’s Empowerment Group.

And for individuals who are interested in becoming an entrepreneur this may be an opportunity of a lifetime . Whether you would decide to choose the Retail Sub Distributor, or the Associate/Director Distributor either option should prove profitable.

The system by which The People’s Empowerment Group have elected to implement their strategic plan in providing and selling not only the vacation packages, but additional member based packages is truly designed to help improve and in power individuals. It would seem that their goal is not to create just a corporation however; it seems to be directed at individuals who are willing, based on experience or desire to either sell a product or commit to training and guiding individuals in the selling of products.

With all the rich quick schemes in our everyday lives and on the Internet, I was surprised to find a web site and showed an opportunity for individuals seeking self-employment. They have set up payment features like PayPal to allow for quick payment processing when receiving your funds. The People’s Empowerment Group may be taking a new road in a true entrepreneurial spirit.

When joining a company like this, make sure you find a good upline mentor and someone who is willing to walk you through the marketing landmines we all face as people starting our first Network Marketing Company. You need to find someone with patience who is willing to go the extra mile to make sure you succeed.

For entrepreneurs who are bombarded daily with business opportunities. One must really consider all options available. The wisest and soundest investment opportunity often times may not be the most entrepreneurial. As the People’s Empowerment Group continues to grow, only the time will tell if they can maintain the true entrepreneurial spirit.

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Much is written in the standard Japanese Candlestick textbooks about the standard candle patterns and their degree of predictive reliability. Hardly anything is said about variations of those patterns. The reader is left with a dearth of information about applying personal judgment to those less-than-ideal formations in the quest for predictive reliability.

Over a long course of time, I have found that it is very worthwhile to pay attention to candle patterns which are less than perfect in their construction. An excellent example has just now arisen in the Daily charts of the Dow Industrials – today being July 29, 2008. After a considerable advance, we see a (relatively) tall white candle on July 22, followed by a Spinning Top Star, a little higher than the tall white, on July 23; and then a tall black candle which began at the level of the Star. A more perfect “Evening Star” formation would have occurred had the Star been completely above both the tall white and the tall black.

Nevertheless, that three-bar formation was close enough to “perfect” to catch the eye and allow a prediction that prices would fall thereafter. Prices were about level the next day; but the day after that (yesterday, July 28) produced another tall black candle and a 239 point decline in prices.

One day’s experience following completion of a candlestick pattern does not a trend make. Even so, I have noticed that an imperfect Evening Star, in particular, is quite reliable; and that when it appears the reader is justified in taking appropriate action so as to capture the promise of the pattern.

So much valuable information could be added to the standard Japanese Candlestick textbooks if more attention were to be paid to candle patterns which are less than perfect.

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You have traded in the Forex exchange market for quite a while now. You have read hundreds of Forex guides and ebooks or Forex trading advice widely available on the internet. Those gave you basic knowledge about forex. Now you know the terminology, rules, currency movement trends and the other factors influencing the Forex market.

There is a lot to take at once. But let me tell you something here, Forex is something people continue to learn throughout their lives and still there is something left. You have probably wondered many times before which tactic to take. Will I rely on technical analysis? Should I look at the bigger picture and consider all economic conditions? Will I trade news for quick profits or maybe invest long term. I believe you went through many demo trading accounts to try them out.

If you picked up your strategy and you decided to go and trade technical chart analysis here is so much else left to consider. At this stage your knowledge should include terminology such as: support, resistance and chart names. You should know about moving averages, Bollinger band, Fibonacci or Elliot wave theory and Pivot points. Now all you have to do is apply all the above rules to your chart and happy pips. Well it is not as easy as it seems to be! There is one piece of advice that we would like to give you.

Not all the rules apply to all the currencies. That is right. If you have had enough experience and spent thousands of hours watching charts moving you have probably noticed that almost every single combination of currencies have their own flings and this makes them difficult to predict. Not all pairs would create head and shoulders, double top or bottom to signal the potential major movement. Some of them will but that may mean nothing. Another combination would not necessarily bounce back from 55 or 200 hours moving average or follow pivot points. Others will not create hammers to indicate diversion. All above rules would apply to successful technical analysis trading.

We strongly advise you to do your homework and research. Before you select certain rules for certain pairs make sure that there is a pattern to follow. Adjust moving averages, play with a few values and backtrack to see where there is a rule that you could use in a future forex trade.

There are many examples to learn from. If you study eurjpy and euraud pairs you will see how different they are. Euraud seems to have a strong trend on daily charts where eurjpy has not got one. Take also eurusd and we will see that there was strong head and shoulder with the bottom formed on 22 Jan 2008 and instead moving significantly up it did not. Compare the daily chart of eurchf which on the other hand follows nicely its double top and bottom pattern. We encourage all beginner traders to consider those factors before trading real money. Select your indicators to your pairs in the way they are most suitable for each one of them. Make sure it is backtracked and there is evidence for such a selection. Remember: plan your trade and trade your plan.

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Ignore candlesticks at your peril when developing your Forex strategy. Candlesticks contain a huge amount of information about the market. Learn to read candlesticks like a book and greatly enhance the profitability of your Forex strategy.

Used by Japanese traders for centuries, the Western world has only recently (since around 1991) become aware of their value due to the work of Steve Nison.

Candlestick charts are now the preferred medium for probably the majority of traders due to their visual impact. Like bar charts, candlestick charts are based on four main pieces of information relating to the timeframe of the chart (15 minute, 1 hour, 4 hour, daily, etc.) – the open and close prices for the timeframe, plus the high and low points during that period:

  • High
  • Low
  • Open
  • Close

However, by representing this information graphically, in the shape of a candle, the trader is able to absorb a glut of information about a single trading period with just a glance.

So learn to read candles well – your Forex strategy will be more solid as a result.

What’s In A Candlestick?

What you can read from a single candlestick?

Certainly not enough to base a trade upon. However, a distinctive single candlestick in conjunction with other indicators can be very significant.

When reading candlesticks it helps to think of the battle constantly going on in the market place between the bulls and the bears. A candlestick will tell you how the battle went during any given period.

Take for example a candlestick on the hourly chart which has a long solid body and very small shadows if any. If the color of the candle is green, or whatever color your charting package uses when a candle closes higher than when it opened, it means either the bulls are in firm control or there was little or no interest from sellers.

If the candle is red, or whatever color your charting package uses when a candle closes lower than when it opened, it means either the bears are in firm control, or there is little or no interest from buyers.

If the solid body of the candle is small but there is a long upper shadow and a long lower shadow, it means during that 1 hour period, the bears took the trade to the lowest point, the bulls took the price to the highest point, but neither could maintain the position so the end of the period is close to where it was at the beginning.

Get a series of those candles and the market is obviously in an indecisive state, or reconciled to trading within a range for the foreseeable future, until a further stimulus comes along, such as a fundamental announcement, to cause price to break out of the channel.

Distinctive Candles You Should Know

Candles come in all shapes and sizes with very distinctive names such as spinning tops, doji, hammers, etc.

Learning to read candles in conjunction with understanding other technicals such as pivot points and support/resistance lines, Fibonacci retracements and trendlines can add real power to your Forex strategy.

Remember, when browsing your charts, every candle tells a story. It’s up to you to decipher and interpret the significance. The level of skill you develop in doing so will be a major factor in developing a profitable Forex strategy.

For screen shots illustrating the candlestick examples referred to in this article click here:

For a free candle & chart pattern recognition reference tool click here:

For the best free economic calendars plus a free pivot point calculator and Fibonacci calculator click here:

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“What is this 2000 peso note worth?” is frequently asked here at American Currency Exchange. Unfortunately, the answer is, inevitably, “Nothing.”
In 1996, the Mexican Peso was devalued and new money issued as 20, 50,100, 200, 500, and 1000 peso notes. The new notes are issued by “Banco de Mexico.” Pre -1992 notes are exchangeable at the rate of 1,000 “pesos moneda nacional” for each new peso. At this rate, a 2000 peso moneda nacional note would currently be worth 2 cents, virtually nothing.

Other currencies have also been devalued, among them, the Turkish Lira, and the Romanian Lei. So it is especially important to call us at 248 203 9883 before making the commute to Birmingham, especially if we are at a great distance from your home. We should easily be able to tell you whether your notes are current by asking you a few questions about the notes.

After the forming of the European Union, those countries joining the union changed their currencies over to the Euro. Countries belonging to the European Union are:



Cyprus (excepting Northern Cyprus),


France (excepting New Caledonia, French Polynesia, Wallis & Futuna, Germany,






Netherlands (excepting Aruba, and Netherlands Antilles),



and Spain.

In all these countries, noting exceptions, the Euro is the currency used. Currencies which were used prior to the Euro are accepted at banks and most currency exchanges, but are bought back at a lower rate since they are no longer in use. Examples are the Italian Lira, the German Mark, and the French Franc. At some point in the future, these currencies will no longer be worth anything except for nostalgic value. Therefore, anyone possessing them should sell them back as soon as possible.

American Currency Exchange does currently buy back these outdated currencies notes at a competitive rate of exchange.

Countries not joining the European Union still hold their own currencies. These countries are:

Denmark, kroner

Sweden, krona

The United Kingdom, pound

Bulgaria, lev(a)

The Czech Republic, koruna

Estonia, kroon(i)

Hungary, forint

Latvia, lats (lati, latu)

Lithuania, litas (lital, litu)

Poland, zloty (zlotych)

Romania, leu (lei)

and Slovakia. Koruna (koruny, korun)

Among these notes, the Romanian polymer notes dated 2000-2003 may be redeemed without time limit at the rate of 10,000 old lei for 1 new leu. Older paper notes are worthless.

Another country, which has devalued its currency, is the Turkish Lira. Outmoded and mutilated noted can only be redeemed at the central bank. All Turkish notes in denominations of 50,000 and up are redeemable until the end of 2015, at the rate of 1,000,000 old lira for a new one.

The rule of thumb is: do a little research before you drive off to redeem your foreign currency. If it has been sitting in someone’s drawer for years, it may not be worth enough to pay for the gas it would take to drive to the currency exchange. Even worse, it may be worth nothing at all.

Marjory Printz
American Currency Exchange
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Birmingham, Michigan 48009
Phone – 248-203-9883

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Learn Forex trading the fast and effective way. This is a sure way that would ensure the success of your forex trading initiative. By now, you must be aware that the foreign exchange trading is not always about generating revenue. Just like all other forms of investments, of course, there are specific and sure risks that may all the way hamper and halt your forex earning potential. That is why as a beginner, it is imperative that you first understand well what forex trading is so that you can form strategies and plans of action better.

There is a need to learn forex trading effectively. When you learn about this type of trading, you should make sure you get to understand not just the nature of the transactions but also the underlying dynamics and working principles. Be reminded that with the total number of currently active forex trading, it is estimated that about half are on the losing streak. You never want to be included in the losing end, for sure. Thus, take note of the following points to ponder when you learn forex trading.

First of all, learn about the specific definition of forex trading. To begin with, this type of trading involves purchasing different currencies and then selling them at higher prices. Forex market is so far the biggest trading market globally.

Learn forex trading initially by acquiring the knowledge and skills to read foreign exchange quotes. Trading through brokerage firms, which is required in most markets, is one way how you could learn to do so. Your account officer should teach you how to look at base currency and other currencies in tickers. Thus, learning to use investment or forex platforms is also a must.

Be aware of the major currencies that are traded in forex. Be informed that so far, there are seven usual currencies that are traded by investors, namely, the US dollar, the Japanese yen, the British pound, the euro, the Swiss franc, the Australian dollar and the Canadian dollar. Needless to say, the US dollar is the usual base currency and is so far the most traded money, taking the lead from the euro and yen.

Lastly, when investing in forex, you should know that there is an investment cap. That means you are required to invest a minimum amount. Usually, such caps are quite high. Learn forex trading and discover how you could make your money work to provide you ample income.

Learn everything about forex trading from Davion’s wildly popular blog to – from mastering the basics of foreign exchange trading to discovery of new trading tips, strategies, tools and more. Also, read this informative article about 6 you need to know!

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Before you start currency trading, you will need to change your mind set. Start looking at trading as an easy way to make money. Never see it as a complicated ordeal.

One of the first things you need to understand about currencies is that a currency’s value is only useful in contrast against another. Therefore, you need to get into the habit of always looking at any currencies as a set. A single currency alone does not have a value of its own. Only when put up against other currencies, will its value show.

Another valuable piece of advice is to understand that you are buying with the intent to sell it later at a profit. Therefore, don’t look around for cheap prices as if you are bargain hunting. You will make money on the price you sell it at, not what you buy it at. Many first time traders get so stuck up on searching for the cheapest price, that they ultimately lose out on many opportunities.

Currencies with a high price and which are expected to keep going up, are a better buy than cheap currencies with no prospect of increasing in value.

Develop confidence in yourself and in your decisions. If you always hesitate on trades, you will miss out on many opportunities, and will cause yourself more stress. The best way to gain confidence is to practice with an online demo account and make trades without money. When you finally have the hang of it, and have confidence that you know what you are doing, you can open an account and trade with your own money.

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