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The Forex market is the biggest financial market in the world. But this doesn’t make it easier; on the contrary. You have a lot of big advantages but Forex is also very challenging. Almost all advantages, when observed carefully, transform not is disadvantages but in challenges. It is the case of the Forex market being open 24 hours a day. When someone begins trading the Forex or reads about this particular market, this characteristic is taken as an advantage. Traders tend to think “Great! Finally I can trade whenever I want!”. Well, this is, in part, true. But, when you start trading the Forex, you’ll see that volatility only appears during certain times and that if you are day trading, you can’t be in front of your computer 24 hours a day. This is a challenge for most Forex traders who are looking for day trading the currency pairs. If you want to day trade, you will have to develop a decent strategy in order to concise it to a few hours a day, probably when the volatility is more likely to urge.

Another big advantage that is always quoted related to the Forex market is the margin requirements. Well, even with a small account like $300 you can use 100, 200 or even 400x your money. You may think this is a great advantage but, in my opinion, this is more a challenge than an advantage. If you have a small account and try to use a high margin, you can lose your entire account in a single trade.

Also, Forex is known as the scam market. You have trading systems, courses and even brokers that are constantly rated by traders as scams. In the case of the systems and courses because they promise a lot of profits with no work at all, and in the case of the brokers that give you all the resources but then trade against you, don’t let you withdraw your money or simply disappear with it.

When you start trading the Forex market, or if you already are, you need to avoid the scams.

Here are some tips of how to avoid Forex scams:

1 – Use your good sense. This is the primary thing you need to do. Evaluate carefully the product or the broker you are choosing. If you think they are offering you too much, be careful. It may be a scam.

2 – When you are looking for a forex trading system or a course, you’ll probably see things like “make $100,000 in a month”. Forex is a challenging market and not everyone can make money with it. Don’t get fooled by get rich quick schemes.

3 – One good tip when buying a trading system or course is to look if they have money back guarantee or a free trial period. This way, if you don’t like what you bought, you can always ask for a refund.

4 – If you are looking for a forex trading system, course or broker, read reviews made by others traders. Read what they think about the product, the support team, how they handle their clients and so on. Read all that you can.

5 – Before buying a product or signing up with a broker, always read their webpages. Feel free to ask them your doubts. If they believe in their products and services, they will answer your questions.

6 – If you buy a forex trading system or course, test it first on a demo account. Don’t start with your real account because you don’t know how it will actually work. It may need some adjustments on your part to make the strategy good for you.

As I said, the Forex market is challenging. Unless you are able to spend some time with it, not only trading but also reading and learning, you won’t make it. But, without a doubt, it’s a very profitable market.

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Nah, don’t get it wrong, it’s not like having your mechanically working cloned self working at your home. Forex robots are not visible objects or not like they are tangible but they are a big help if you decided to indulge into Forex trading. However, before finally buying your Forex robot or Forex forecasting software then you must spend some of your time to fully know the features that you should expect from one. Sad to say, a lot of people are persuaded to buy them in the most irrational way, mainly because of rumors. Rumors that run wild and leave your pocket emptied.

What you need to know if such product will help you or not. Actually, if you are lucky enough to obtain competent Forex robot then it is surely a big help. How would you know which to choose? This article will uncover some of the most critical factors that will help augment your bank account.

First, the primary thing to consider is to know if the software is updated. If you’ll spend your money for a thing then might as well ensure that you are spending it on worthy item. Check the version and get the needed information on how often is the site being updated. Just in case the software of a site is not updated for a year then just look for a new one since it will only endow wrong predictions.

Secondly, gather as much information on how the software is able to handle charting. Look for something which is capable enough of handling standard trading tools which may include RSI, Stochastic, Fibonacci levels, and Moving averages. Trading robots should know how to enter and exit trades for a sound trading.

Third, shop around for reviews and testimonies from customer who had already tried using such product. Do this software provides competent reports or will it only lead to confusion which may result to the lost of your hard-earned cash? Above anyone else, you should get the needed information from these users.

With the rise of scammers in the internet arena, people are becoming skeptical if Forex robots would do them good. Face the fact that when these robots would be able to do their job without fail then most people would simply stop their work and just invest on foreign trade. You should understand that comparable to anything in this world, they are subjected to failure. They are not scam since they do not get your money and give you nothing in return.

Also, companies provide their product in a way that you can freely decide for yourself if you would go or regret their offer. Many websites would willingly give money back guarantee if you are not happy with the result. With all of these, it is highly impossible that Forex robots are scam. There are just some who would work better than the other, it is up to you to find them through research and extensive browsing of the internet for worthwhile feedback.

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There are many opportunities to make money while trading forex. You can increase your chances of making a lot of money if you join a website that will teach you the in’s and out’s of how to trade successfully. By educating yourself on the best way to trade forex, you are giving yourself a better chance to make large profits.

The problem people have is finding a website that is easy to use as well as providing good information. Most of the time you will find a website that is easy to use but the information you get is not to good. Or you may find a website that gives good information, but using it can cause you more trouble then it’s worth.

Don’t worry though, there are websites out there that give you the best of both worlds. The ones that charge a membership fee are more then likely your best bet if you want a quality forex trading website. I say this only because you can judge the quality of service you will get by the amount of money that you must pay to become a member. It follows the famous saying, “you get what you pay for.”

So look around the internet to find an exclusive forex trading membership site because believe me, they are out there. When you do find one look at what they are providing for your membership cost. Make sure you are getting everything you expect to get and more! This is your chance to make money easier and faster because professionals will be teaching you all the tricks that they know.

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Forex price movement is not as simple as it may first appear and traders make several assumptions that are completely wrong base their forex trading strategies on it and lose. Let’s look at how prices really move…

Let’s start first of all, with two fatal errors traders make, when trying to make money in currencies and they are:

You Can Predict What Forex Prices Will Do.

Traders are obsessed with buying bottoms and selling tops. They simply see a level and jump in and hope it holds – but prediction is just hoping or guessing and you don’t get rewarded for that in forex trading.

It always makes me laugh, when you see vendors selling systems, saying they can predict with 90% accuracy! It’s a joke.

If you want to win, you trade the confirmation of price movement and I will return to this in a moment – but first let’s look at an extension of this point.

Markets Move to Science.

You have a school of thought that says that markets move to a scientific law and the most famous are – Elliot, Gann and the disciples of Fibonacci.

Well if they or anyone else knew the law, there would be no market, as we would all know the price in advance!

The far out crowd love these theories, with their mystical connotations but the facts don’t support their argument.

You can trade Breaking News

Not a good idea, as the news is actually unimportant by itself, its how it is perceived that determines the course of events which, leads me into how the markets really move.

How Prices Really Move

The equation for market movement is:

Fundamentals + Human Perception of them = Forex Market Movement

Humans are not logical they are influenced by their emotions and this is why markets are not scientific – true human nature is constant but it’s not science however we do know the following:

- Humans will always push prices to far up or down and these price spikes are temporary and can be traded for profit.

- Always trade the truth never predict and sure you don’t get perfect timing but the odds are in your favour and that’s vital.

An Odds Game You can Win

Forex is simply an odds game sure you cant predict but you can win, not every trade of course but by trading high odds set ups, you can have more winners than losers and pile up big profits overtime.

Greed and fear drive prices and make price spikes which are easy to see on a forex chart and can be traded for profit.

Any trader needs to treat forex as an odds game, trading the reality of price change when the odds are in their favour, with strict forex money management and if you do this – you will win.

Don’t Look For Perfection – Look to Win

In forex markets people having trying to predict and find some secret code of movement that simply isn’t there. While forex price movement looks chaotic, you can win, by simply trading the reality of price movement.

Sure you won’t achieve perfection (that’s impossible) but by trading the odds, you can put a lot of dollars in your pocket and that’s the whole aim of trading.


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History has proven that investing in stocks yields more profits than most other investments. When an investor has money to invest, he needs to understand what the experts or analysts mean when they say bull market, bear market, or a correction. Understanding the meanings of different market trend expressions helps to plan personal strategies.

Paying attention to general market ups and downs produces better opportunities for the average investor and eliminates the risks of panicking when the stocks take a downward direction. Technical analyses of markets show that markets, in general, move in trends. Primary market trends are bull markets and bear markets. Secondary market trends are rallies and corrections.

When the buying of stocks outnumber their selling consistently, the market during that period of time is called a bull market. Also, investors or analysts who are optimistic on the markets’ performances are said to be bullish. An analyst may be bullish on one sector like the oil stocks and not so on technology stocks or he may be bullish on the general direction of all markets. A rise in the markets over a short time like a few days is called a bull market rally.

A bear market happens when the general markets show a sizeable drop over a long period of time; that is more than a few months. This may mean the investor confidence is broken and the selling is much more than the buying of stocks. After the Great Depression, a bear market lasted for two years, resulting in high unemployment.

Analysts and investors who become pessimistic and think that the markets indicate a falling trend are said to be bearish. A sudden drop in the markets over a short term is called a bear market rally.

Bear market rallies come about abruptly and may cause panic among the investors. If the panic and pessimism continues, this may lead to recession, which means a significant decline in the economic activity of an entire nation. This behavior of the investors may cause a general market crash, like the one in 1929 that led to the Great Depression with an international outcome. The 1929 Market Crash came about when the bull market that started in 1920 came to an end.

The international crash or the panic selling in 1987, called the Black Monday Crash, however, did not happen because of recession. Although no one is sure why it happened, it started after the falling of the US dollar and trade deficits.

A correction is quite different than a crash, because it takes place after a bull run and lasts for a short time. The drop is more than 10%, but less than 25%. The correction in the markets is an opportunity for the savvy investor to buy stocks at a lower price. On the other hand, thinking that a bear market is only a correction can lead to disappointment.

When a market trend stays over a longer period of time measurable in years, it is said to be secular. Secular bear markets take the prices of the stocks to even lower levels than when the bull markets started.

No reliable method exists to forecast the market trends before they happen. Analysts and economists draw fancy charts and try to connect the trends to one reason or another such as the value of dollar, world events, or politics; however, none of the predictors has been consistently correct.

The best way for an investor is to keep his average losses down and gains high with an eye on the markets’ moves. In the long run, stocks provide a good place to invest, despite the wild swings in the markets.

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There are several methods which are used by people making trades, however, there are 3 methods which stand out and which are considered by the pros to be better than the rest. These three methods all require certain knowledge and specifications so it is difficult to use all of them at the same time. It is recommended to find the one method that most suits you and then stick to it and perfect and skills that are necessary.

The first technique is referred to as the fundamental method. This type of analysis requires a deep understanding and knowledge of the market and includes information pertaining to subjects like social or political movements, governments involved and even weather conditions that can have an affect on a region. This is a very detail oriented analysis and although it is time consuming and requires exact calculations of fixed and variable factors, it is also the most reliable forecasting method. By taking into factors that involve the politics or economics or a country or region, pro traders using this method have managed to achieve consistent profits over time.

The second of the 3 methods pro traders used to achieve consistent profits is the technical method. This technique is not as complicated and requires that an analysis be done on past performance and date. It is necessary to keep track on a daily basis in order to be able to recognize any trends or cycles and to make a forecast. The last method is the indicator method. This method requires that a trader study past data and find relationships between data, such as price and volume.

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What is the importance of a Forex education? While Forex may not mean much to the average consumer, in actuality everything we know in American commerce is affected by Forex, the foreign exchange market. Every time the American dollar reduces in value or inflates, it’s because of the world scene of financing. Only someone who follows the goings-on of the foreign exchange market could understand why all avenues relate to each other and are affected.

Some have carefully studied the foreign exchange market over the years and have planned their investments according to predicted changes. The shrewdest of investors have profited immensely, as they were able to learn the market, see disaster coming and knew exactly what to do in order to minimize their losses. Of course, learning all of these financial aspects would involve a solid Forex education.

If you are in business, whether doing business online or if your company is expanding to overseas locations, then the foreign exchange market will be of paramount concern to you. Forex doesn’t merely involve foreign currency but also trade, politics and worldwide economics. (Namely, how one entity affects another on a global scale.) Have you ever desired to learn more about Forex finance and trading but weren’t sure how to get started?

Even if you are not a trained economist, you can still learn how Forex operates through many affordable online resources. A Forex education is available online from such companies as the Forex Club Academy. The Forex Club Academy offers an easy-to-follow text course that explains the fundamentals of Forex trading through e-books, video aids and other visual methods of teaching. This makes the course easy to understand regardless of your educational background. For more information on what the academy can offer you visit the Colt FX website.

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What is a dividend?

A dividend is the profit paid by companies to its shareholders. When a company earns profit, it can use the money in two ways. It can retain the profits and invest them either to pay off their debts or expand the business. This investment is called retained earnings.

The second way of utilizing the profits is to pay them to the shareholders. This payment is called dividend.

Most blue chip companies like AT&T, G.E, Microsoft, Johnson & Johnson, Wal-Mart and so on pay dividends to their shareholders. For example, you may get $0.15 every year on every share you own. Some companies break up the annual dividend into four parts and pay each part quarterly-four times a year.

1/4th of $0.15 may not appear a substantial amount, but if you own a portfolio of hundreds or thousands of shares, it becomes quite an income.

Most investors reinvest their dividends into the shares of the same company through dividend reinvestment plans also called DRIPs. A great advantage to the investor is that he usually does not have to pay commissions on reinvestments.

Another benefit is that you do not have to make any fresh investment. You can invest as little as $10 to $25. Dividend reinvestments take place automatically. You only need to instruct your broker to invest your dividends every time it is issued.

Dividend reinvestment plans provide a level playing field to investors. You do not need large amounts of money to start investing. You can start investing with almost next to nothing and over the years you end up with huge earnings.

The best part of DRIP investing is that you do not have to keep guessing about the market trends very often. You are in for a long haul market. A market slump is a welcome occurrence because it may help you buy more shares than when it is high. Years later you feel happy at having invested through DRIPs because you would have otherwise spent your money on something you really did not need.

DRIPs and Dollar Cost Averaging

Since usually you do not have to pay any commissions on DRIPs, you can take up two risk reducing strategies. You can diversify your assets and engage in dollar cost averaging. A diversified portfolio allows balancing out the risks of losses in lazy shares.

On the other hand, dollar cost averaging can improve your gains dramatically especially if you invest on long term basis. In addition to that you have to commit yourself to investing the same fixed dollar amount on every purchase date.

This can be explained by the following example:

Suppose you invest $60 every month and the market is rising. You start investing in January. The price of a share is $5 and you buy 12 shares. In February, the price rises to $10 and you buy 6 shares. In March, the price has further increased to $20 and you buy 3 shares.

You buy a total of 21 shares for an investment of $180 in three months. The average price per share comes out to be $11.67 .You actual cost per share comes out to be less than $9 ($180 divided by 21 shares).

You gain the same benefits in falling and fluctuating market as well. Your cost per share is bound to be lower than the average cost of shares during the period you are investing. You cost per share will be reduced further because you are not paying brokerage.

You can further reduce your costs if you try to create and maintain your stock portfolio yourself rather than paying to the professionals to do so for you.

Since DRIPs have long term perspectives, the savings in service charges to professionals can become huge over the time. The process is not as difficult as you imagine it to be. And it can prove to be a fun. Moreover it is not the portfolio that you have to manage, but investment portfolio where the investments take place only a fewer times every year rather than daily.

Important dates to remember

The first is the date of Declaration of the dividend. The second date is Record date when the company provides the list of the shareholders who are entitled to receive the dividend. You must be listed as a shareholder before this date to get the dividend.

The third date is Ex-dividend date which usually falls 2-4 days before the record date. The fourth date is Payment date when the checks are posted to the shareholders.

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If you’re researching Forex Trading Software you’ve probably already heard of Forex Brotherhood and Forex Tracer, but you have heard of Forex Funnel? Possibly not!

Forex Funnel differs slightly from both of the above mentioned products. Forex Tracer is an autopilot trading system that is perfect for those who already have some knowledge of Forex Trading, while Forex Brotherhood is the closest to a full service trading system that you can get for a reasonable price. Forex Funnel sits somewhere in between the two of these, being a system that offers some support.

Forex Funnel, as with both of the above products, includes expert advisor software (for those not in the know, that’s just another name for software that trades on the markets automatically). The software is setup to trade on the USD / JPY currency pair. The software is fully automated – basically you set it up with your own parameters and it will sit and monitor the signals and trade at the appropriate time in order to make you money.

Forex Funnel also comes with video instructions that explain every single step in getting the system setup and working. This makes the system setup idiot-proof.

Perhaps the crowning glory with this system though is that it does provide email support. There are some systems on the internet that sell the product and then vanish – you can’t get hold of them to ask them any questions that you may have. Forex Funnel is different, they are there to answer your questions and help and get you up and running.

What doesn’t Forex Funnel have? Well, although it provides great technical support, it doesn’t provide any trading related support. So, if you are completely new to Forex Trading you might be better off with another product such as Forex Brotherhood, where you can get daily guidance from an expert broker. Although the price is a little higher, this helps you avoid any nasty losses.

At the end of the day, the most important thing is that you buy a system that you are comfortable with.

As such, comes highly recommended. However, if you would like to read more about the other two systems you can read a three product review at