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Learning to trade commodities is becoming more and more popular. An increasing number of private individual investors are moving away from straight equity stock investments and moving into new markets in search of ways to make money.

The fallout from the sub prime crisis in the US has been much greater than many commentators expected. As credit defaults have increased, the cost of borrowing has increased significantly as lenders in all areas (mortgages, credit cards, personal loans) become more wary of lending cheaply. This effect has become known as the credit crunch. However the credit squeeze has not stopped there. Virtually all businesses are funded in part by debt. As a direct result of this increased cost of debt, most business are now being hit with higher costs that impact their profits. As profits fall, so too do company stock prices.

Why learn to trade commodities?

From July 2007 to Jul 2008 the Dow Jones Industrial Average stock exchange fell in value by about 19%. In the same period Crude Oil has risen in value by about 112%. This fact just highlights the difference in performance between the equity sector and the commodities sectors.

The main difference between the two markets is that the commodity markets are demand driven. By their nature commodities are limited in supply, for example there is only a limited amount of oil in the ground. As econnomies grow and use up more of these resources the supply reduces while at the same time the demand continues to increase. These two effects can only ave one result – an increase in prices.

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Those familiar with online business and internet transactions, are acquainted with the name e-gold. An online currency, that was used by many online businesses because it provided an alternative to bogus credit cards and suspicious transactions from faulty bank accounts, has been very popular with online merchants and even a stable within certain online investments, mainly HYIP’s or High Yield Investment Programs.

Even though, every giant faces a downfall. Starting with a recent report by BusinessWeek accusing E-Gold of having ties to certain financial schemes, in recent weeks the online currency stud has faced much scrutiny leading up to recent investigations and probes by FBI into the companies means of operation.

In a surprising event, the parent company of the e-gold currency has been indicted on charges of money laundering and cooperation with criminal entities. Announced by attorneys, Jeffrey A. Taylor and Matthew Friedrich, E-Gold Ltd. has been realized as an organization with illegal practices and cooperation with thefts of money in relation to several identity scams.

The Suspects

The head honcho of E-Gold Ltd., Dr. Douglas Jackson has pleaded guilty to being involved with the practices of money laundering and even using an unregistered monetary transaction business. Also included in the charges are his fellow business partners, Barry Downey and Reid Jackson, who both were found guilty of violations within District of Columbia in relation to utilizing an unlicensed money transaction business.

The Sentencing

The sentencing decided for the date of November 20, 2008 has serious implications. In a show of strict punishment, the court decided that E-Gold should face a maximum fine of $3.7 million. In addition to that, the principal director of E-Gold Ltd., Dr. Douglas Jackson faces a maximum imprisonment of 20 years coupled with a fine of $500,000 based on his involvement in conspiring to launder money through his company. Jackson also has been given up to 5 years and a fine of $250,000 for not having a registered monetary transaction business.

The other senior directors Downer and Reid Jackson also faced similar charges. Each one respectively received up to 5 years in prison and an additional fine of $25,000. The court has also found the company, E-Gold liable of $1.75 million dollars.

An Internet Federal Reserve

E-gold, a digital currency operated by Gold & Silver Reserve Inc., was a currency of much respect and recognition within the world of online merchants. Due to the statistics on the company website, in 2007, the parent company of the e-gold currency had approximately US $86 million of gold and silver in storage and roughly three million e-gold accounts.

Initially started in 1996 by Dr. Douglas Jackson and Barry K. Downey, e-Gold made it possible for businesses and consumers to make transactions all around the world with one currency. All exchanges done electronically, e-gold provided a useful benefit in todays world of comfortability.

Main supporters of the e-gold currency, enjoyed its use because they felt it provided alternative benefits against the risks of fiat currencies, such as inflation, and depreciation. Each basic unit within the e-gold currency was backed by reserves and provided a viable investment for those interested in building up assets in commodities such as gold and silver.


Interestingly enough, E-Gold Ltd. is another sign of the easy access of criminal entities into the pockets of consumers. With scams decorating the online market place, E-Gold Ltd. is another detrimental blow to online entrepreneurs and legitimate businesses who wish to seek profit within the World Wide Web. From HYIP’s, Autosurfers to the faulty business practices of certain pay per click search engine companies, one has to walk well equipped in the realm of online business making sure every corner is checked and stone overturned.

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This is a concise currency trading tutorial, which will give you all you need to get started in currency trading and develop a trading system for triple digit annual gains…

The first point you need to keep in mind is 95% of traders lose and only 5% win. While anyone has the ability to learn currency trading and win, most lose.

So what separates out the winners from the losers?

The real difference is mindset and currency trading is really 20% method and 80% mindset and some explanation will make this clearer.

Discipline and Self Control

Anyone can learn a forex trading system but the key to success is, executing it with discipline when you are losing. It’s not easy to keep putting in your trading signals, while the market hands you losses and makes you look a fool. You need to be disciplined until you hit a home run.

You only get discipline from confidence and understanding.

This means, learning currency trading basics, on how and why prices move and getting the right forex education. You can then build a simple currency trading system.

Sheep Get Slaughtered

The traders who act like sheep and try and follow others, by buying forex robots or gurus and mentors never win.

Most of the forex advice just mentioned, is poor and even the minority which is good, a trader who doesn’t understand the markets will never have the discipline to follow it.

You must accept success is on your shoulders and comes from within – NOT someone else!

You must understand what you are doing and why it will be successful and this point cannot be stressed enough.

Getting a Simple System For Huge Profits

Any currency trading system that is successful is simple!

Many traders think the more complicated they make their system, the better the chances of it being successful – but this is simply not true.

Simple systems work best and always have as they have fewer elements to break in the volatile and brutal world of currency trading.

A simple long term breakout system, with a few confirming momentum indicators, is all you need and we have covered how to build one in simple steps in our other articles, so look them up.

Why Anyone Can Win

Its because currency trading is a learned skill – you just need to work smart and learn the right forex education and have the right mindset and now I want to tell you a story to inspire you…

Richard Dennis decided to prove anyone could learn to trade so he picked a group of people of all ages, both sexes and of varying levels of intelligence. The varied in occupation from a security guard to an actor and Dennis set about teaching them.

In 14 days they had completed their trading education and went on to trade, they quickly went on to make $100 million dollars and go down as trading legends.

So why did this group do so well?

They had a good teacher for sure – but he only taught them a simple trading system.

The key element he gave them was the confidence and discipline to apply it for themselves and in later interviews, many of the traders said:

Learning the system was the easy bit – remaining disciplined was hard.

So get a simple system you understand and the chances are, you will be able to maintain discipline and go onto achieve currency trading success.

Anyone can win at currency trading and the real lesson to take from this currency trading tutorial is:

That the market doesn’t beat the trader, the trader beats himself.

So work smart, have the right mindset and you could be making a great second income, or even get on the road to financial freedom and remember – success can be yours if you understand the points in this article.


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Lately, a lot of investors and friends have asked my opinion about the effects of the credit crisis on commercial real estate. You’d have to be living in a cave not to know about residential values falling, but there doesn’t seem to be a general consensus about where commercial is going. If I had to forecast, and technically I do because the fund I co-manage operates as an asset based lender collateralizing on commercial real estate, then I would say we are heading back to reality. To understand where reality is, I think it’s important to understand the unreal place commercial real estate has been in. During the boom, commercial real estate, and most notably income properties, seemed to lose their very definition. Income property by its name is supposed to produce income. Since real estate became everyone’s favorite alternative investment, there were a lot more buyers competing for the same income properties and many of those inexperienced buyers didn’t understand the methods of valuating them.

The fervor to just own property seemed to be greater than the glaring fundamentals of the property they were buying. Commercial real estate’s most basic valuation method is the income approach, and the outcome provides a capitalization rate (CAP). Without going into a whole seminar on the topic, it is basically net income before debt divided by the price. While people should have been buying properties north of an 8% CAP (the higher the better when you are the buyer), they were buying them down in the 5′s and 6′s, and I have even seen some extremely over-valued scenarios in the 3′s. At those prices, there is a lot of out of pocket money going into servicing the debt on a monthly basis, and it was happening all in the name of price appreciation. That’s just not how this investment is supposed to work. However, it was actually working for a brief time because of the upward momentum of the market, and if your time horizon was short, there were decent profits to be made off of a flip.

We are now seeing CAP rates starting to creep back up north of 7%, which translates into lower values. High valued areas are still coming in lower than that, but that is a function of perception on future valuations and not a reality based off of current cash flow. The numbers are under the microscope even more so because of more stringent lending guidelines, and also due to the fact that most of the buyers that are left are professional investors that live and die by these valuation formulas. . At the end of the day, if you are valuating commercial real estate on price comparisons then it looks like it’s starting to slide.

However, if you are basing your valuations on the income approach, it’s clear that commercial real estate is going back to exactly where it should be; producing income. When I was first getting involved in real estate, I received the best piece of free advice from a very wise man. He said, “Owning commercial real estate is like a business and almost every business needs to generate income. So let the income be the cake and the appreciation be the icing, and everyday will feel like a birthday.”

Copyright: Dominic Mazzone, Regent Global Funds 2008

This article was written by Dominic Mazzone, Managing Partner and Fund Manager of Regent Global Funds.

This article and other like it can be viewed at which is part of the Regent Global Funds Network.

Regent Global Funds, is a alternative investment fund that offers its participating investors and asset backed investment through asset based lending.

The Fund Managers of Regent Global Funds have an expertise in commercial real estate lending and have created a successful alternative investment vehicle that is diversified through this structure.

They separate themselves from other fund mangers by personally investing their own money side-by-side with their investors in the fund, creating an absolute structure of accountability. Dominic Mazzone has written about the need for this type of accountability in an article titled “Fund Managers Need to be Accessible and Personally Invested.”

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That’s right! You can really make some nice, consistent profits with the best Forex trading indicator. Of course, you are wondering when I am going to tell you what it is. OK .. drum roll please .. it is the most time tested and reliable Forex trading indicator .. known as .. the 200 Day Moving Average. Yep, it’s the ole’ faithful instrument used by more money managers and large institutions than any other indicator. The truth is that this trading indicator is so effective because it works as a result of those who work it. Let me give and example: A certain currency is trading above its 200 day moving average. Five of the big money managers in some of the largest financial institutions see the currency is above this mark and as a result they move on it .. going long that currency. Guess what happens when the “big boys” make that move? That i right, the currency goes up. Why? Because it is the big money that moves the markets. it has always been that way and always will be.

Now, I am not suggesting that you go and find any currency trading above the 200 day moving average and go long that currency. Nor am I saying that you should short a currency that is trading below the 200 day moving average. Here is what it comes down to: Start with currencies that are above the mark (200 day moving average) then learn to use other indicators to confirm your move. I also suggest using a reliable trading software program that provides timely and effective trading signals (I have included a couple of links for review sites that can give you an objective look at what has a good track record and what does not).

Good trading ahead as there is always opportunity to make money on the Forex market.

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Now that the foreclosure crisis has taken the economic lives of hundreds of mortgage lenders, a handful of banks, and untold numbers of families, it makes sense to evaluate what has happened to engineer the events now taking place. With a central bank controlling the money supply and the nation enjoying issuing the reserve currency of the world, it is not difficult to analyze how the country has been set up to be sold off to the highest secret foreign corporate bidders.

When the internet and telecommunications bubbles were on their way up in the late 1990s, and in the middle of a decade of strong dollar policies coming from the Federal Reserve, US financial companies had great power over the investment flows between nations. With a little plotting, it was quite easy for speculators to remove capital from the Southeast Asian nations and collapse their currencies.

The next step was for the International Monetary Fund and World Bank to offer these nations in deep economic shock some handy therapy, in the form of loans. In return, the nations had to agree to privatize many of their public services, closing down state-run plants and utilities and selling the assets on the open market. Multinational corporations then moved in to take over these assets and run them for profit at the expense of the people living in them.

With the strong dollar policy and the collapse of the foreign nations’ currencies, the corporations could move in and buy the formerly state-owned assets for relatively cheaply. They took dollars near their peak value and invested them in the assets in other countries that were near their low value in terms of the value of the foreign currencies.

Then, while these foreign nations were starved for capital and could offer manufacturing and labor for cheap, most of the American manufacturing base was outsourced to these same countries. While trillions of dollars have been leaving the United States to these countries, the housing bubble is created to entice people into purchasing real estate they can not afford for long.

Creative new loans are designed and accepted by banks and investment companies to ensure that the bubble will collapse. The foreclosure crisis is engineered in two ways. First, the largest banks are financing the movement of assets overseas, thereby removing jobs from the economy and pushing workers into bankruptcy or foreclosure. The same banks that homeowners send their mortgage payments to every month are the ones giving loans to manufacturers to ship jobs overseas and downsize homeowners.

Second, even if some homeowners can keep hold of their current jobs, resetting interest rates will double their payments in a few short years. With the Federal Reserve in control of manipulating interest rates, it is quite easy to drive millions into foreclosure. The Fed began raising interest rates, which decreased home values and put the first cracks into the entire housing industry facade. People could not afford the mortgage payment, and negative equity positions ensured they could not sell.

Once rates were increased and the crisis became self-sustaining, they were taken down again, collapsing the value of the American currency, the dollar. Now, with the dollar at a low, the investments the corporations made in the Asian currencies are worth much more, even as the value of assets, real estate prices, and the stock market in the US are falling. Now, these corporations that made trillions of dollars investing in the assets of countries with collapsed currencies can take their profits and drive values down even further in America and buy assets for cheap.

With the collapse of the Government Sponsored Enterprises like Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac and a steadily declining stock market, the entire country is ripe for the privatizing. As the federal government decides how much to reward the moral risk of making poor loans, corporations flush with appreciating foreign currencies are just waiting for the right moment to invest in such assets. They will be buying the country with the money they control, and using positions of power which allow them to collude into engineering these bubbles for their own profits and to increase their control.

Nick writes for the ForeclosureFish website and blog, which educate homeowners on how they can save their homes on their own while they still have time and resources available to them. The site describes various , including mortgage modification, cash for keys, deed in lieu, stopping a sheriff sale, and more. Visit the site to read more about how the foreclosure process works and how it can be ended:

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I’m here to help you find the best foreign exchange trading tips and strategies that you can use on your daily trades to help you be a better trader. This is an exciting market, and for most people, they are new and want to learn as much as they can. I’m here to share a little knowledge with you.

  • The Point of a Demo: A demo platform (or account) is a way to practice trading without actually having to use your money. It’s really just a simulator of the process. Demo accounts won’t make you an expert. It isn’t designed that way. You will often hear experts claim that demos are a waste of time and that is precisely the reason why. They have a great role for new people though. The first thing is that you get to learn how to use your trading platform. You don’t have to worry about making a mistake or pushing the wrong button. If you don’t know what something is, push and find out. The second thing is that you can work to develop a routine for yourself. A way to start acting on a regular basis with your platform. Lastly, you can try out some strategies to see how good you are to start with.
  • You Trade In Pairs: All this means is that a single currency in itself doesn’t really have a value. It’s value is always with respect to another currency. You have to be aware that when you’re looking for a good trade, you may not see one. But if you change what currency you’re comparing it against, it could be an excellent buy for you. The Euro compared to the Canadian dollar could be considered a bad trade, but the Euro compared to the USD could be a great buy. Always remember you’re viewing things in pairs.
  • Software: You should get your hands on software like Forex Killer. All the big banks and corporations have software working for them, so you should take advantage of it too. They allow you to automate your trading process. They also have ways of find trends that could be very profitable for you.

I’m currently giving a 7 day . Newbies and experienced are all welcome. If you’re interested in participating, check out the .

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With the current financial markets being so volatile, a lot of traders have switched from long-term investing to short-term trading, as there’s potentially a lot more money to be made. However which is more profitable – forex or shares?

Many people are able to make short-term profits from both forex and shares. I myself do alright from both forex and share trading but in my opinion forex trading is the more profitable. This is mainly because the chart movements are more predictable and the major currency pairs conform extremely well to technical analysis.

When you trade forex you know pretty much when all the market-moving news announcements and economic data releases are scheduled, so you can plan in advance to be out of the market when these announcements are made. Therefore you can concentrate solely on technical analysis knowing that the price of the currency pair you are trading is not going to be distorted by any unforeseen announcements. There are very occasional exceptions to this rule such as major news stories or unscheduled interest rate announcements, for example, that can move the markets but these are rare.

Unfortunately this is not the case when you are trading shares. Although most trading statements are scheduled and known in advance, you can still get company-specific news releases, which may be positive or negative. For example, you might get an announced news release mentioning a new contract win which could dramatically lift the share price, or conversely you could get a profit warning completely out of the blue which could cause the share price to plunge in a matter of seconds or minutes.

So you can never entirely relax when you are trading shares because there is always the chance of a market-moving announcement being made about the company. Furthermore although a lot of share price graphs do conform fairly well to technical analysis, this certainly isn’t always the case, and sometimes the price will be more affected by the wider market. So a top FTSE 100 share could be majorly oversold on a technical basis, but if the FTSE 100 index takes a dive, then the share price of the company in question could well continue to fall even further.

So overall my personal preference when it comes to short-term trading is to trade forex because you can focus entirely on technical analysis, and can base your trading around the scheduled economic data releases. Plus of course the forex pairs, in my experience, conform slightly better to technical analysis than individual shares.

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Contrary to popular belief it has never been easier to make money online. Now notice I said easier, I did not say it was easy because every way to make money online takes some effort. However I would like to share with you a few ways on how to make money fast on the internet. There is a common misconception out there with most people. They fall into one of two categories: Group A believes that everything on the internet is a scam and there is not real way to make money online. Then you have Group B who believes all you have to do is click a button and you will have thousands rolling into your account each day.

Let me assure you that neither one of the above statements is accurate, and I am going to show you how to make money fast on the internet using 1 of 3 methods. Now, it is important to master one of these methods before moving on to the next. Being proficient in one methods is much better than being so so in all three.

1. Start a Myspace profile and promote affiliate products. This is free to do and it takes minimal technical skills. All you do is set up a profile and embed your affiliate links into your webpage to ensure that you will get commissions for your sales.

2. Sell something on eBay. Do a Google search and find a website that is giving away free ebooks on something to interests you. Now download the ebook (make sure it includes resell rights) and sell it on eBay for five bucks. It won’t make you rich but if you get good at it this is a quick way to pocket a couple hundred bucks a week. This is indeed a good way to make money fast on the internet.

3. Take advantage of new technology that can help you out with making money online. There are ways that you can beat the system and take advantage of the internet and its vast sea of buyers. This is too in depth to go into here but I would advise you to do some research on it. This is the method I prefer.

In closing I hope this answered your question of “how to make money fast on the internet.” Good luck with all of your future success!

Matt Lord is an affiliate marketer interested in helping others succeed and make money online. for more information on what he believes is the best opportunity on the web visit.

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Forex trading, also known as currency trading, can be a very profitable activity. It is a very hot trend right now in making money from home, and for a good reason. Trading the Forex market has never been easier or more profitable. There are so many tools for beginner traders, so even the worst ones can succeed. However, to be really successful in this business, you need to start the right way, and that means making right choices.

The first choice every currency trader must make is about the broker. In order to trade in the Forex market you need a broker, but not just any broker. You need a reliable, honest Forex broker. Without that, you are doomed to failure. A bad broker will give you bad spreads, high commissions, or just bad service. Choosing a broker is an important step, and should not be taken lightly.

After choosing the right broker, you need to get the feeling of the market, but without the risk. This is where the demo account of the broker comes in handy. After you sign up with your broker, don’t start trading with real money right away. Ask your broker for a demo account with virtual money. This way you will be able to understand how the trading platform works, and you will be able to perform trades in the Forex market without risking your money.

When you can make trades with your eyes closed, it is a good time to choose yourself a Forex trading system. Such system is supposed to give you exact rules about entering and exiting trades the most profitable way. You can either make your own system or get a pre-made one. If you are a beginner, it is better to get a system made by someone else, a system proven to work. When you gain more experience, you may want to develop your own system.

The next to last step, after you have your system, is practicing it on the demo account and seeing if it works. Never trust a system blindly, always check what you receive. Practice trading according to the system, including all technical and mental aspects of trading like this. When you do a good job following the system and the system proves profitable for you, you can make a deposit and start trading real money, making real profits.

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About the author:

Nadav Snir is a stock market trader and Forex trader. You can find more information about Forex trading and Forex brokers at his site at