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Now that the foreclosure crisis has taken the economic lives of hundreds of mortgage lenders, a handful of banks, and untold numbers of families, it makes sense to evaluate what has happened to engineer the events now taking place. With a central bank controlling the money supply and the nation enjoying issuing the reserve currency of the world, it is not difficult to analyze how the country has been set up to be sold off to the highest secret foreign corporate bidders.

When the internet and telecommunications bubbles were on their way up in the late 1990s, and in the middle of a decade of strong dollar policies coming from the Federal Reserve, US financial companies had great power over the investment flows between nations. With a little plotting, it was quite easy for speculators to remove capital from the Southeast Asian nations and collapse their currencies.

The next step was for the International Monetary Fund and World Bank to offer these nations in deep economic shock some handy therapy, in the form of loans. In return, the nations had to agree to privatize many of their public services, closing down state-run plants and utilities and selling the assets on the open market. Multinational corporations then moved in to take over these assets and run them for profit at the expense of the people living in them.

With the strong dollar policy and the collapse of the foreign nations’ currencies, the corporations could move in and buy the formerly state-owned assets for relatively cheaply. They took dollars near their peak value and invested them in the assets in other countries that were near their low value in terms of the value of the foreign currencies.

Then, while these foreign nations were starved for capital and could offer manufacturing and labor for cheap, most of the American manufacturing base was outsourced to these same countries. While trillions of dollars have been leaving the United States to these countries, the housing bubble is created to entice people into purchasing real estate they can not afford for long.

Creative new loans are designed and accepted by banks and investment companies to ensure that the bubble will collapse. The foreclosure crisis is engineered in two ways. First, the largest banks are financing the movement of assets overseas, thereby removing jobs from the economy and pushing workers into bankruptcy or foreclosure. The same banks that homeowners send their mortgage payments to every month are the ones giving loans to manufacturers to ship jobs overseas and downsize homeowners.

Second, even if some homeowners can keep hold of their current jobs, resetting interest rates will double their payments in a few short years. With the Federal Reserve in control of manipulating interest rates, it is quite easy to drive millions into foreclosure. The Fed began raising interest rates, which decreased home values and put the first cracks into the entire housing industry facade. People could not afford the mortgage payment, and negative equity positions ensured they could not sell.

Once rates were increased and the crisis became self-sustaining, they were taken down again, collapsing the value of the American currency, the dollar. Now, with the dollar at a low, the investments the corporations made in the Asian currencies are worth much more, even as the value of assets, real estate prices, and the stock market in the US are falling. Now, these corporations that made trillions of dollars investing in the assets of countries with collapsed currencies can take their profits and drive values down even further in America and buy assets for cheap.

With the collapse of the Government Sponsored Enterprises like Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac and a steadily declining stock market, the entire country is ripe for the privatizing. As the federal government decides how much to reward the moral risk of making poor loans, corporations flush with appreciating foreign currencies are just waiting for the right moment to invest in such assets. They will be buying the country with the money they control, and using positions of power which allow them to collude into engineering these bubbles for their own profits and to increase their control.

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