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So, while these steps are applicable to online training for foreign currency trading in the forex market in my case, if you think about it while you read this, it could easily be the same principles that you need to apply to become a professional currency trader in the trading futures markets, or trading options market.

Lets not waste time here is step: 1) Start trying to save your money today not tomorrow or next month.

To trade in the big league or you need a bankroll to play with, and one that is capable to withstand the ups and downs that are a natural part in the trading currency markets. For me, I know this is a problem for most people, but you need to just get an organized budget together. Then stick to it, and if you want it bad enough then it will start to add up to where you need to be in the online currency trading.

So you say “How much money will you need?” Unfortunately I can not be the one to answer that because it will depend on the trading strategy that you chose to implicate, and the amount of leverage that you need to plan on trading with in the course of a day. Also the amount of money that you can take out in profits, is just simply what is extra from what you need in the course of day trading. Though you should not count on having a bare minimum for you currency exchange balance, it you leave a little more in each day then you may be able to start to take more risk. And if you understand that risk means that you have a chance to make a lot of more money, then your on the right track. But I can say, that I see plans from $1000 to a years salary.

The Next Step: 2) Get online training for foreign currency trading.

Common sense will tell you that you need to get training in you subject before you go about risking you money. So with that said, there is plenty of free information to get your self started. With the free information you can get yourself familiar with the terms that they use in the currency trading market, with terms like “fx” meaning forex, or “cdf” meaning, channel definition format. If you just learned something with the last sentence then you know what I mean, because this is also free information that you are reading.

But when that is not enough there is many programs out today, mostly when you register for a trading platform then they will provide you with what you need to get informed in you field of currency trading. The part of the education process that I really am talking about here is necessary, and that is coming up with a good trading strategy that you are personally comfortable with currency exchange rates and among other things, as well as being financially sound with the money management strategy to ensure the long-term viability of your trading strategy plan.

Then the next step:

3) Which can also be simultaneously done with the last step. This is to sign up with demo trading account from a larger online trading broker. Then you can start practicing with your new found trading strategy, while not losing all you money to start, because the demo account uses play money and not real money. At your regular job or, if you have some free time and internet access at your work place, then maybe you can start to get a feel for how a normal day is while practicing trading.

So on to step 4: If you are then already making money trading on “paper,” so to say, and are comfortable with your trading strategy plan, then you need to go ahead and get started having fun with fx trading for real only on a part-time basis. Don’t include all apples in one basket just yet. You need to start out slowly and gain a decent comfort level. Then as your confidence builds up and you have learn from a couple mistakes, then you can start to move money from your savings to increase your bankroll.

Lastly step 5: When you can estimate that your average gains/loses from real trading, from following step 4, are at a level where and when you are comfortable, to say if you were to trade full-time using your present bankroll, you would be making enough profits that slightly go over and exceed your current employment salary, then and only then you are ready to quit your job for once and all, and trade full-time.

Remember, you want your currency trading profits to go over and exceed your present job salary. This will give you the opportunity to maintain a decent current financial level. Also at the same time you can then live with minimal stress in you life and continue to increase your trading bankroll, which will enable you to make more money as the size of your available funds grows sizable larger.

Lastly it is important to have patience with yourself and your online training for , at each of the steps mentioned above. Mostly the seasoned traders will tell you to maintain emotional equanimity and understand that fear and greed are a traders weakness. If you can keep these strong emotions under control and keep you head straight, the discipline in establishing the while following steps, then you can look forward to making it as a everyday professional trader.

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