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Although Netsuke was a form of necessity, it was also a form of defiance within a society that was under a firm handed dictatorship of the Japanese Empire. Even though the toggle was a way to hold in the belongings held within the pouch tied around the waist of the pocket-less Japanese clothing that was traditionally worn over 300 years ago, the toggle was artistically defiant in its unique artistic expressions.

These many varieties of artistic expression were most commonly made out of various forms of ceramic materials, the many different kinds of mammal and animal ivories, different kinds of hard, but workable metals and even corrals from the ocean if hard enough. There are not only different types of materials that these are made of, but there are also several different Netsuke varieties.

There is the sashi Netsuke that is long, with an emphasis on the formation and shape. There is also the katabori Netsuke that is based more on detailed characteristics and a three-diminsenal formation. The last three original Netsuke forms are the ryusa, the manju and the kagamibuta, and they are all slightly flatter and round compared to the katabori and the sashi Netsuke is. These original Netsuke toggles are always around an inch in height and inch in depth for size proportions.
There is one other type collected today and it is called the mask Netsuke. It is much larger in size, actually being the size of a human face. This form or mask is for wall display and is made of the same types of materials as the forms and with all the exquisite details found in traditional miniature Japanese Netsuke has.

Even though the necessity has diminished over time, the desire for collections is going stronger than ever before all around the world. The collections of traditional ones that are around today are still hand crafted by a handful of very traditional and talented carving artists. The exquisite beauty of today’s Netsuke has all of the love and passion as yesterday’s carvings. It is just as expressive in artistic formations as it can be without ever straying away from its originality in meaning and values of what Netsuke has always been based upon.

When looking to start your very own Netsuke collection, make sure to be purchasing artistic works from the real artists, not the kind of massed produced Netsuke. With a little research over the Internet, finding the real thing in Netsuke is easy. By taking the time to gain a little knowledge of real collecting, you will soon be on your way to the purchasing of some very uniquely exquisite pieces of artworks.

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