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During the chaotic uncertain times we live in, people often look at different outlets for income. Whether they are searching for a full time income to replace their job or a part time income so they can save a little each month. One venue people like to look at is trading or investing. Many people look to trade stocks, options, and futures. But most recently forex trading has grown immensely in popularity And for good reason. Here are some of the benefits of learning to trade forex:

1) A 24 hour trading market - With stocks and futures, the markets close at 4 pm est. With forex having an international platform, currency rates are constantly trading even if the US markets are closed. So if you come home from work at 5 pm. (like most people) you’ll always find a currency pair you can trade with forex. If you are a stock trader, by the time you get home, the market has already closed.

2) Completely recession proof – No matter how good or bad the US economy is doing, you can always be successful trading forex (as long as you know what you are doing). The dollar can always be traded with or against. As long as you can trade either way of the market, recession is something you never have to worry about, since money can be made on both sides.

3) The ability to trade anywhere - How many people in this world can say that they can travel when and where they want and still do their job? Not too many. Learning to trade forex correctly can lead to the freedom and time to do that. All it takes is a laptop and internet connection.

4) Trading flexibility – Most investment vehicles require a large sum to start trading. Most accounts require you to have 5K-10K to get started if you plan on trading stocks or futures. To be honest you’re going to need them, because it takes a lot of shares to make money trading stocks. With forex you can open an account with many brokers for a few hundred dollars. You have the ability to play micro or mini lots so you don’t have to trade with full lot sizes as the big boys do.

5) No commissions - Unlike stock brokers, the majority of forex brokers do not charge a commission for each forex trade you make.

These are just some of the many great benefits of forex trading.

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