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The Forex robots you see traded online all produce track records that simply would make the world’s top find managers green with envy but they are not all what they seem…

You would think that if a Forex robot claims it can make big gains for you, that it might actually have made some dollars in the real world of trading – wouldn’t you?

You would be wrong if you assumed the above, most automated Forex trading systems you see sold online, produce a track record which is simply made up.

The track record consists of getting a past data segment (knowing all the closing prices) and then simply picking where to buy and sell, with all the data to hand and of course this means nothing in terms of making money when you don’t know what happened and have to trade without knowing where prices go.

The vendors use clever copy and the lure of an income for life for around the cost of a meal out and of course, making money is not that easy, common sense tells you that. If it was so easy, everyone would be trading for living and give up working, banks would sack there multi million pound dealing teams and there would be jobs shortage as everyone was trading!

If you want to make money in any venture in life, then you need to work and get the right education and knowledge to apply in the market, that’s life and is very true in Forex trading.

You won’t be surprised to learn that you need to get a good Forex education and do some work but the news is that in Forex trading if you get the right knowledge and trade with discipline, you can earn yourself a great second or even life changing income and your efforts will be well rewarded.


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